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Foreign military bases in Syria


Monday 5th of March 2018 01:53 PM

By: Mahmoud Ghorab

Some major and regional states involved in the Syrian conflict are rushing to establish military bases there. They will ensure the presence of these states in strategic sites to be close to clashes' areas. The information, however, is contradictory regarding these foreign military bases, their sites and numbers. In the following lines, we are going to highlight the most important military bases in Syria.

American military bases

US military bases are concentrated primarily in northern Syria, in the areas of US-backed Kurdish militias. The United States had established its first air base in Rumeilan area. It has seven other bases distributed in Al-Mabrouka village and another one located in Kharab al-Asheq village, southwest of Ayn al-Arab (Kobani), which is the largest American base in Syria.

In addition, the American military bases in Syria include a military base in an airport in Ain al-Arab (Kobani), Northern Aleppo countryside, another one in north of Hasakah province, and in Tal Abyad area on Turkey-Syria border, while the other one is under construction in al-Tabaqa.

US military personnel are working in these bases. They coordinate and plan for the work of the forces, as well as participating in hostilities. Moreover, the air bases operate on receiving aircraft and helicopters.

For his side, Alexander Fenidetkov, Assistant Secretary of the Russian National Security Council, said on Tuesday that the United States had established about 20 military bases in Syria on Syrian Democratic Forces-controlled areas.

Russian military bases

As one of the key players in the Syrian crisis, Moscow has worked to strengthen its presence in Syria through establishing nine military bases, the most important of which is Hameimim base, which receives the Sukhoi Su-35. In addition to its naval base in Tartous, which is of a great strategic importance to Russia, as it represents a foothold for Russia in the Mediterranean.

Turkish military bases

Turkey has three bases in Syria. Some media reports said that Turkey seeks to establish more bases in Syria bases to control its borders with Syria. It plans to establish eight additional bases and several observation points.

Iranian military bases

Satellite images showed that Iran has established a new military base near the Syrian capital of Damascus. It includes facilities to store short- and medium-range missiles. The base located 12 miles North West of Damascus. Western intelligence sources said that the military base is being run by the Quds Force, the special operations arm of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard.

Reports indicated that there are Iranian bases in al-Sien Airport, Damascus International Airport, and others in Aleppo, which include militias from Hezbollah and Iraq's al-Nujaba Movement. It further has a base in Quneitra, in which Iran controls areas on the border with Israel.

The UK has a single military base for training in Syria and is located in the Al-Tanf area. While Lebanese Hezbollah militia has four main bases that facilitate the movement of its fighters in the areas where they operate.

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