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People feel safer in EGYPT than Britain and the US: Gallup


Saturday 16th of June 2018 01:17 PM

By: Caroline McGuire, Digital Travel Editor, The Sun

Egypt ranked 16th out of 135 countries in the annual report, while Britain came in 21st place and the US was at no.35

The figures come from Gallup Global Law and Order report, which revealed Singapore to be the safest country in the world.

For the report, people were asked whether they feel safe walking alone at night and whether they had confidence in the local police force.

They were also questioned on whether they’d had money or property stolen from them or another household member or been assaulted or mugged in the last 12 months.

Egypt was given a score of 88 out of 100, alongside countries like Austria, Luxembourg and Denmark.

Meanwhile, the UK was given a score of 88 alongside Ireland, Malta and Jordan, while the United States got 84, alongside Taiwan, France and Sweden.

in 2018, Brits have been flocking back to Egypt after the government heavily invested in infrastructure .

Amr El Ezabi, Director UK & Ireland for the Egyptian Tourist Authority told Sun Online Travel: "This result, which has been announced by an independent entity confirms our expectations and conveys a message of confidence to prospective tourists to Egypt.

"This outcome reflects the actual context of stability reigning in the country and more importantly, the real feeling of safety and security experienced by holidaymakers enjoying their time on Egyptian soil."

Venezuela came bottom of the poll with a score of 44, just below Afghanistan, with a score of 45 and South Sudan with a score of 54.

Just 17 per cent of Venezuelans in 2017 said they feel safe walking alone in their area at night, compared to 94 per cent of those in Singapore, and72 per cent of people in the United States.



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