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How does Madbouly government work to achieve security stability in the coming four years?


Monday 9th of July 2018 03:08 PM

By: Ahmed Abdel Azim

While submitting the four-year program of the new government to the Parliament for ratification on 3 July 2018, Egypt's Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly has keen to put the issue of security stability as top priority.

According to the policy statement of the government, this program includes the following subprograms:

The first sub-program:  Safeguarding national security by the Armed Forces:

-Upgrading the combat efficiency of all units of the armed forces alongside providing the forces with the latest weapons systems.

- Securing the land and coastal borders in various strategic directions, as well as the Suez Canal.

- Tighting control over air, sea and land ports and the activation of technological means in the areas of inspection.

- Participating with the various State bodies to confront the phenomenon of illegal immigration and trafficking in human beings.

- Developing the management of military factories and increasing participation in armament activities.

The second sub-program: Upgrading the anti-crime activities

- The complementation of installing surveillance cameras in police stations.

- Arresting of traders and importers who exploit any crisis to monopoly of some goods, which leads to an increase in their prices.

- Intensifying the control of bakeries and mills to ensure the efficiency of their operation and production.

- Following-up owners of gas stations and pipes stores.

- Intensifying security campaigns to control homeless children and to take the necessary measures to rehabilitate them.

The third sub-program:  Securing ports, tourist areas and archaeological sites:

- Reviewing and developing plans to secure ports, airports, tourist and archaeological areas.

- installing GPS devices in all tourist buses.

- Development of the wireless communication network for all geographic areas that follow Tourism and Antiquities Police.

- Covering all tourist areas with police cars.

- Obliging tourism companies to provide prior notice about tourism programs .

The fourth sub-program: Upgrading security services provided to citizens:

- Expanding the provision of e-services to citizens.

- Improving the level of services in the fields of passports, immigration and work permits.


The previous sub-programs, which aim at ensuring security stability, has several messages, most notably:

- The new government's program stems from the successes already achieved during the last period on the level of security stability, inside the governorates or on the borders, such as Sinai. This came as Egypt was experiencing difficult conditions after ending up the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group.

- The program aims at upgrading the combat efficiency of all units of the armed forces alongside providing the forces with the latest weapons systems. This comes in line with what is currently done by the armed forces after it obtained sophisticated weapons, including Mistral helicopter carriers and Rafal fighter jets, which means that the armament has become a necessity due to the situation in the region.

- The program also aims at tightening control over border areas and ports. This is what the armed forces are working on, particularly in light of the attempts of terrorist militants to flee to Egypt. The army is also working on cutting off any support for the terrorist militants in Sinai.

- As for developing the military production, the general command of the armed forces is seeking to develop the military production during the coming period, particularly after it built good relations with major countries in the field of military manufacturing.

- In the area of combating crimes, the government's plan has focused extensively on the issue of countering monopoly operations or manipulating the capabilities of the people in any way. This reflects the state's intention to continue fighting corruption, after the significant successes made by the Egyptian Administrative Control Authority during the past periods.

- Madbouly government's program also focused on the issue of tightening the security measures to protect monuments and tourist areas, which reflects an important future vision to restore the tourism movement again.

- The new government has also pledged to improve the service provided to citizens. It is so important to make the citizen feels a tangible improvement in reality regarding matters that directly affect him.

CEO : Dr. Mohamed El Baz
Chief Editors : Ahmed Eltahry