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Khalid Al-hail and Khashoggi fate


Saturday 17th of November 2018 02:09 PM

By; mohamed Al-motasem

"There is a plot for a man to tell, we have information." Qatari opposition leader Mona al-Sulaiti said, before the strange disappearance of Qatari most prominent opposition member, Khaled Al-hail. It is sure that Al-hail has the information, as he confirmed at his official website of the social networking site "Twitter" that he was bargained by the Qatari regime to release his kidnapped wife for apology, adding that his son is still kidnapped by the Qatari regime. he concluded with the phrase "the voice of right is annoying."

He certainly understands that he opposes a regime that has armies of terrorists around the world, and hundreds of mercenaries, whether killers or media whose mission is to hide the features of crime and turn the world opinion to talk about other crimes .. They pay Well .. pay for those who think .. Maybe this is what things are going according to what they want .. The Qatari regime does not make an effort in thinking or planning .. He wants something and pays to those who think and pay to those who plan and turn all the threads.

Hours before the disappearance of Al-Hail, he had launched a fierce attack on the Qatari regime and wrote: " There is no new in the speech of scarecrow, we have been accustomed to  drumming, shouting and wailing, there are no solutions, there are no practical signs that Tamim could save the remainder of the remnants of his rule." This was the last final tweet  written by Al-Hail And then disappeared completely.

London is the preferred place for the men of Qatar and its individuals.. The intelligence service Qatar has the most important contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood,and extremists.. In London, Al-Hail disappeared, no one knows how,  Information available from the Qatari opposition that  he was lured into the Qatari embassy in London.

The Qatari opposition, Muna al-Sulaiti, repeated her talk with the media interveiwer, DR Mohamed al-Baz on the TV channel of Al Mehwar, and said that before disappearance of Al-Hail, she got information confirms that there is a plot  was being fabricated for the man .

No one knows the plot, but we knew its results, when Al-Hail  disappeared.  some are sying that he was killed inside the embassy, in the same way that Gamal Khashqati was  killed. I rule out that assumption, as Qatar is more professional  . It has an army of bombers and theoreticians and houses of expertise who provide logistical support and ideas that distance it from the arrows.

It is evident that more than a month and a half ago, no one knew the details, contrary to what had happened with Khashoggi, whose fate was revealed immediately after his death through tweet  by  his fiancé Khadija. Some say that Al-Hail was taken to Qatar to face trial.

opponents say that the man was executed without trial.. Whatever speculation we have a person was full of hearing and sight disappeared from the end of September, we have a person whose fate is not known so far, we have a person posed a direct threat to the Emir of Qatar and his regime, a person whose news suddenly stopped, his acquaintances and persons close to him, said that they received threat of Killing him.

We have a person whose state likens Gamal Khashoggi, who disappeard in the Saudi consulate in Turkey. A person who was doing headache more than Khashoggi.. Aperson who owns documents ans information. the most critical is that, he has a tongue speaks and opposed the regime who doesn't acknowledge the opposition, this is the most serious.. Khashoggi came into the cosulate, and came out after he had been killed and  was cut into parts. that Al-Hail came into the embassy, and no one knows whether he came out in parts, or was dissolved by acids.  

We hope all information is wrong

we hope all of them are speculations

We hope man is healthy

We hope that, because we don't want that he could have faced the same fate of Khashoggi


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