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Trump's slap was not a coincidence "1"


Sunday 10th of December 2017 12:23 PM

By: Ahmed El-Tahry

No doubt that it is a moment of defiance, not defeat. However, entering into new challenges without anticipating the future is a foolish thought, while anticipating future without a compass leads to a maze. In the maze, all results may differ from facts. The laws of nature itself may change and it will not be necessary to have an equivalent reaction for any action. However, a norm may be broken, leading to a wrong or less impact reaction than the action.

US President Donald Trump' slap was not by chance, after recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, it came for his own reasons and for natural status of the Arab countries. In both cases, Arabs were hit in their history and geography.

Trump made this decision in order to stabilize his position in the White House and serve for a second term, which has been troubling him since he won the presidential elections in November 2016, and his inauguration in January 2017. Any observer of the American scene can easily recognize the conflict between the White House residents and various institutions, as well as other battles within the White House pushed Trump to make successive changes in the composition of those around him.

For our reason, the Arabs countries have nothing to do with the criteria of global decision-making. On the other hand, their policies were used to deepen the division between them, as well as attacking each other. Seven years have passed since the uprisings of "Arab devastation", named by some as "spring", which distorted everything in our nations. These uprisings have been destroyed the constants of the Arab joint action and the Arab regional security system, including Jerusalem and the Palestinian issue alike.  As the Arab uprisings deliberately marginalized the Palestinian crisis, no Palestinian flag were seen in the protesters' hands during the demonstrations took place in various Arab capitals.

The Palestinian issue turned from a historical and legal right to establish the state, according to international laws stated that East Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, into an issue limited to crossing point and humanitarian aid. This is due to the Palestinian division resulted from political Islam's movements and the powers that are benefitting from such dispute, headed by RecepTayyip Erdogan, Iranian regime and its ally Hezbollah, as well as Qatar.

Syria, Libya and Yemen were destroyed by a clear Arab conspiracy. However, the conspirators did not realize the magnitude of the crime that had been committed. Even after Egypt regained the spirit of the June 30 revolution and intensified its efforts to re-establish the regional system with a clear view of the risks' size, the major and ambitious attempts at unity did not succeed, most notably the decision to form the joint Arab forces.

Egypt worked to rebuild the collapsed countries, went a long way in Libya, faced attempts to break up Syria, warned of the disaster of Yemen and succeeded in achieving Palestinian reconciliation. Meanwhile, some Arabs tried - and are still trying- to spoil all of Egypt's moves.

This is the truth we have to recognize as we look at the marks of Trump's fingers on our faces.

Now, the Arabs are facing the most important test before the history, their peoples and consciences. Arab states have urgent responsibility of regaining some of this nation's missing pride, as the entire Arab street is boiling after Trump's provocative  decision.   

I do know my country and that the Palestinian issue is part of the Egyptian state, but Egypt does not have to stand in the trench alone..We have learned from the lesson.

CEO : Dr. Mohamed El Baz
Chief Editors : Ahmed Eltahry