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Assad receives an Arab NGO delegation


Tuesday 8th of January 2019 01:39 PM

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad received on Monday the delegation of the Arab Lawyers Union (ALU) affirming the importance of the role of popular unions and organizations in preserving Arab societies and raising awareness in light of conspiracies and dangers threatening their existence.

Assad highlighted as the main threat attempts to erase the national identity, and sense of belonging among the Arab peoples to weaken them, and undermine their faith in their causes and abilities to defend their rights.

Discussions in the meeting covered the status of different Arab countries, and possible ways out of issues and crises in the Arab world. The Syrian president pointed out that the first step to resolve problems is dialogue and transparency as the lack of those concepts led to the accumulation of issues over the years.

Assad stated that problems suffered by Arab states are the same in nature but differ in form and image.

The ALU founded in 1944 is an Arab non-governmental organization headquartered in Cairo, and is formed of the Arab countries’ lawyers syndicates. The delegation was headed by ALU’s Secretary General Nasser Hamoud Al Kraween.


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