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The roots of U.S plan to move the Embassy


Sunday 10th of December 2017 12:49 PM

By, Mahmoud Ghorab    

After his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the demanding of his Foreign Ministry to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the American president Trump will complete a plan that lasted for about 30 years starting from 1982.  

The American thinking of recognizing Jerusalem as a capital for Israel started after endorsement of the “Jerusalem Law” by Knesset (Israeli parliament) on the 30th of June 1980. It stated that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel after  joining the Eastern side of Jerusalem. This resolution led to the signing  of the lease and purchasing land agreement by the US former President Ronald Regan with Israel on January 1982.

According to the agreement, the United Sates gained a piece of land from the properties of the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf in the Western side of Jerusalem. This cleared the way for the U.S Congress to adopt the decree number 106 on 1990, which is related to the moving of U.S embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The Unites States Senate issued the law that have been enforcing moving US embassy to Jerusalem on 1995 which stated the implementing of the U.S will be on 1990 and it also stated the right of postponing the moving for 6 months. The whole U.S presidents except Trump, postponed implementing decision of moving the U.S embassy to Jerusalem since 1995, with a rate of 8 times at the period of each presidency.

Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as a capital of Israel and his intention to move the U.S embassy to Jerusalem are not related only to fulfilling his campaign promise. It was put under the investigation since he took over the control of authority on January.

Before Trump’s announcement, there was bilateral coordination between the U.S president and the Israeli Prime Minister during the previous months beside the existence of strong voices inside the American administration like Michael Pence, the vice president of U.S, Jared Kushner the senior adviser to the US President and his father in law Donald Trump, Jason Greenblatt the Special Representative for the Middle East and Michael Pompeo the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

According to reports that were related to Pentagon, the final decision for recognizing Jerusalem as a capital for Israel by the U.S President was taken during a meeting held in the White House last November. During the meeting, Trump insists to fulfill his campaign promise amid warnings from the U.S Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, that this decision will threat the U.S interests in the Middle East.

According to activists from the American Conservatism, it seemed that the tough pressure campaign that Trump faced lately from the evangelicals, his strong supporters, had speed up the announcement of the decision. 

Many of American evangelicals showed their strong support to the Conservative Judaism in Israel and they felt that they have a strong biblical bond with the Jewish country. The conservative Christians had insisted for a long time that the recognition of Jerusalem, that contains holy places for Muslims, Jewish and Christians, should be happened from a while after the decision that was taken in 1995 by the Congress to move the U.S embassy to Tel Aviv.

Evangelicals Efforts is an electronic campaign released by an evangelical group known as My Faith Voice. The group was headed by Mike Huckabee, the former presidential candidate and the father of Sarah Huckabee who works as a secretary in the White House. The evangelical group released an electronic form on its site and it urged people to contact the White House to demand the recognition of Jerusalem as a capital of Israel.

Another evangelical group known as American Christian Leaders for Israel had sent a message to the U.S president Trump warning him that the time is an decisive element to move the embassy. The group includes in its membership the conservative activists Gary Power and Benny Nans.

The evangelical activists saw that approaching of the time of taking the decision is an opportunity to increase the stress.

We are gravely concerned that with every passing day it will become more difficult to move the embassy and if you do not do it now that it may never happen.” The American Christian Leaders for Israel said in their letter to the U.S President that was released on their website.

Trump had collected a group of evangelists’ consultants in his campaign for the first time in history and he was considered to be the favored candidate for the evangelists during last year’s elections.

 “The religious community was talking with the American administration for several months about the necessity of recognition of Jerusalem as a capital of Israel,” Robert Jeffres the evangelist consultant for Trump and the priest in the First Babist’s Church in Dallas, said.

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