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the Arab reaction to trump decision


Monday 11th of December 2017 01:57 PM

By: Hamada Alkohly

After its extraordinary session that lasted to midnight, the Arab League issued the final statement of its session that announced the Arabian refusal for the last U.S decision that recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and emphasized the position of each country towards the decision, and the Arab consonants, and it was also concerned in rearranging the Arab’s policies once again.

The final statement of the Arab League conveyed many messages to the U.S and to the world. Some of them was obvious and the others were full of diplomatic meanings which interpreted by political researchers and experts.

The prominent messages of the statement were:

There is no way to end the Israeli-Arab conflict except by announcing Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

- Despite the obvious refusal position of the Arab against the U.S decision, the final statement refused, condemned and considered the invalidity of the U.S decision that recognized Jerusalem as a capital of Israel and moving the U.S embassy. It considered the decision as a violation to the international law and the resolutions of the Security Council. This highlights the fact that there is no conflict in the Arab League’s position against the U.S decision as it denied all the American allegations which related the announcement of the U.S decision to a previously coordination with Arab states.

- The statement asserted the violation of the U.S decision to the United Nations General Assembly resolutions. This will put the assembly, which is concerned to implement and protect the its decisions and the Security Council’s decisions, in a critic position in front of the international community in case that it breached with its duty.

- The statement related the decision to the undermining of peace achieving efforts, intensify the tension, pushing the Middle East region to more violence, chaos and instability. The Arab league statement warned the international community that its interests will be harmed as a result for these incidents. The Arab League asserted that the Eastern side of Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine and the security and stability will not be fulfilled except by announcing the independence of it according to the decisions of the International legitimacy and the Arab peace initiative that were issued in 1967.

- The Arab League’s statement ,that was issued by the first official Arab meeting after the U.S decision, accused the U.S  of supporting the occupation and violating the international decisions beside that it abdicated its role as a mediator in the peace efforts.

- There was no official statement or announcement issued by any Arab country asserting the abdication of the U.S of the mediator role. the Arab foreign ministers’ statement asserted on this point, highlighted that this situation shall be issued by the consensus of all the Arabs not by only one country.

- Arab League asserted in the statement abiding by the Security Council’s decisions especially with decrees number 465,476,478 and 2334. This means that the Arab’s movements are based on the international law which is the language that is interpreted by the International community.

- The statement asked for an end to the Israeli occupation to the Palestinian land and depriving the Palestinian people from their rights, especially their right of self –determination and liberty.

- The Arab foreign ministers announced the Arab’s strategy that seeks to establish the Palestinian country by referring to that the ending of occupation will be based on the peaceful solution. This solution is based on abolition of the U.S decision concerning Jerusalem and forcing Israel to implement the International legitimacy’s decisions to end its illegal occupation for all the Palestinian and Arabian lands that were occupied since 1967 in order to establish the Palestinian country with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

- The Arab League demanded the Security Council to hold its responsibilities and to issue resolution which will assert that the U.S decision is invalid,by recognizing Jerusalem as a capital of Israel.. This means that the lowest ambition for the Arabs was not achieved after the extraordinary session that was held by the Security Council last Friday.

- Amid some demands to withdraw the peace initiative, the Arab League did not decide withdrawing, and it formed a committee from its members to work with the international community and the International institutions to limit the political Implications of the U.S decision. 



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